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Top tips....

The quality and type of the photos will make a world of difference in your design!

Photography tips ....

Usually you want the sun behind you, so the dog is coming towards the sun. Be careful with that one though, If it’s too bright you will get a squinty dog. Early morning, late evening and overcast days are best for shooting outdoors. The light is more even creating softer shadows, which really helps when you’re photographing a dark dog. When shooting indoors open all the blinds and curtains to let in light. Avoid using the on camera flash which creates harsh shadows.

Most people make one big mistake when they photograph their dogs. They don’t get at eye level with the dog, whenever you take the photo from up too high, it makes your dog appear tiny and insignificant.

This image is a great example of taking the shot looking down at the dog!

Much, much better to crouch down at the dogs level for that magic shot. You don’t have to sit in the mud (although I often end up doing just that) but try getting down as far as you can to your dog’s level and you will be amazed at the difference in the quality of your photos!

For small dogs this might mean actually lying down on the floor, but the outcome will be totally worth it.

This image is a great example of getting down on the dog's level!!

Capturing your pet from a unique angle can take the picture to the next level.
Try to capture your dogs best features, with good lighting, no hard shadows, human body parts or objects covering up your dog.

You want this experience to be fun for your dog, otherwise it will show in the photos. If you’re constantly commanding at your dog, your dog will look sad and worried. Keep your dogs favorite toys and treats ready. The key is to have a helper who can squeak the toy at just the right moment or offer the perfect treat. Try many different toys/ treats until you get the shots you want.

Your dogs expression.... The eyes are the main feature, so make sure they are in focus. If the ears are back, the dog may look uncomfortable or worried.  The best pose is when they are pricked up and forward.  If you are patient enough, you can usually get something amazing.


Other photo tips to help design beautiful and eye catching adverts....


Advert below shows a stunning design from two dogs standing on a hard flooring.


Photo for print design...

We need the original photo to work with, so please DO NOT crop your photos or downsize them. If the advert is to be used in print then we will need the image in a high resolution (300 dpi) We requests the publishers requirements for resolution and size of the image including any bleeds, and also the format. (RGB color or CMYK Color)



Facebook compresses your images. This makes them smaller in size, but it can also ruin image quality. Generally, this isn’t a huge deal, but when an image gets passed around the internet, downloaded, shared, and reuploaded to a bunch of different services, it can get pretty nasty.

 When loading our work on to FACEBOOK please see below the correct way to load onto your facebook wall